Pongal: All concerning the harvest competition of Tamil Nadu

Pongal is a four-day harvest competition of Tamil Nadu which commences from the final day of Tamil month Margazhi.

Crops like rice, sugarcane, turmeric and so on are harvested throughout this month.

The time period ‘Pongal’ in Tamil means “to boil” and it’s the solely Hindu competition which follows a photo voltaic calendar.

On this four-day competition, particular choices are made to the solar god, Indra to bestow good harvest.

Individuals additionally regard Pongal as extremely auspicious because it marks the start of Uttarayan – the journey of the solar in direction of northwards.

Throughout this competition, households get collectively and alternate items.

The primary day of Pongal is called Bhogi Pongal. It’s celebrated to worship Lord Indra who bestows good harvest.

On today, individuals discard their outdated garments and put on new garments.

As part of their ritual, individuals draw Kolams (floral designs product of rice) in entrance of their homes.

The second day of the Pongal competition is understood ‘Thai Pongal’.

At the present time is devoted to honour the solar god, Surya.

Individuals provide boiled milk and jaggery to the solar god.

Worshippers additionally put together a dish referred to as venpongal which is a mixture of dal, rice and sugar.

The third day of Pongal is called Mattu Pongal. On today, animals which are used for agricultural functions are honoured.

Farmers wash the cattle, paint their horns, cowl them with metallic caps and embellish them with multi-colored beads, tinkling beads, flower garlands round their necks.

Individuals worship the cattle, contact their ft and feed them with Pongal.

The ultimate day of Pongal is called Kaanum Pongal. On today the members of the family go to one another and alternate items.

Within the northern a part of India, the harvest competition is called Makar Sankranti which additionally takes place across the similar time. In Punjab, the harvest competition is called Lohri.

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